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Located in North York, Toronto, NATURAL HEALTHCARE MASSAGE THERAPY is happy to share our expertise in eyebrow microblading, the ultimate in semi-permanent eye make-up.

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Microblading aims to create fuller, better-defined eyebrows with the aid of semi-permanent tattooing techniques.

The process differs from regular eyebrow tattooing in that microblading scratches each hair individually into your brow, creating a more natural look.

NATURAL HEALTHCARE MASSAGE THERAPY is fully qualified with the technique and will be delighted to walk you through the entire procedure before you commit. Call now to learn more!

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Things to Consider

while microblading is generally safe and painless at the hands of our highly skilled practitioners, there are still a few minor risks to consider, as with any other procedure.

The first risk to be aware of is the potential of allergic reactions to the pigmentation. To mitigate this risk, we will ask you to come in 24-48 hours before your appointment for an allergy test.

You should also be aware that you will need to avoid sun exposure for the week following your appointment, and your eyebrows will need to be kept dry and make-up free.

Finally, microblading is contraindicated for sufferers of certain skin conditions. We recommend discussing this with your health practitioner before opting for microblading.

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